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THE 33rd STEP. Varias editoriales extranjeras se interesan por la traducción de "El escalón 33"

THE 33rd STEP. Fiction, historical thriller, historical adventure. An old book purchased through the internet hides astonishing mysteries –seven castles united by a secret bond and a hidden message that must be deciphered. An original thriller far from predictable, wich innovates the genre and proposes an adventure as mysterious as fascinating. 

Silvia, a book lover, works as a book conservator for the National Library in Madrid, but she is tired of her monotonous lifestyle and yearns for change. One night she discovers some mysterious texts that come with strange symbols whose meaning are unknown to her. What will these symbols reveal? Where will these mysteries lead the protagonist? These and other questions will be gradually answered with the help of Alex, an expert in medieval art and castles.

Dark and dangerous figures watch their every move: a professional art thief, a mysterious woman, a magnate willing to discover the secret at any cost. No one is who they appear to be in this game involving an ancestral mystery.

The 33rd Step is an unsettling and mysterious thriller involving a unique adventure that moves the reader through medieval times and the castles of Spain. This is a truly unique and fascinating story within its genre.

The author

Luis Zueco (born in Borja, Spain in 1979) has a degree in history and a master’s in historical and artistic research from UNED. Apart from contributing regularly to radio, television, print and online media outlets, Mr. Zueco speaks regularly at conferences dealing with history, historical patrimony, and photography. 

He has written numerous research articles and in 2011 he had his first two books published to great commercial and critical success: Rojo amanecer en Lepanto, a historical novel set in the famous Battle of Lepanto, and Castillos de Aragón: 133 rutas, a book that mixes travel writing and historical reference. 

As a photographer he has had his work on display in various expositions and he is the author of the cultural blogs exposicionesenmadrid.blogspot.com and exposicionesenzaragoza.blogspot.com.

Sales pitch
•  A book that brings together all the key aspects that fans of historical novels love. 
• Book’s writing style catches your attention from the very beginning with short chapters and dynamic action featuring young protagonists that the reader will easily identify with. 
• In addition to an intriguing plot and elements of suspense, the book features a passionate love affair between the main characters. 
• The mystery-filled plot revolves around masons’ marks, military orders, medieval castles, and stolen pieces of art. 
• The story is far from predictable and its numerous elements of suspense make it stand out against other works within this genre. 

- More information: http://www.nowtilus.com/?isbn=9788499673516
- BIBLET (look inside and browse the book online): http://b2l.bz/bu5CS3
- Tip sheet: http://www.nowtilus.com/descargas/Tipsheetthe33rdstepmay2012.pdf
- Start reading and enjoying the book: www.nowtilus.com/descargas/ExtractoElescalon33.pdf
- Cover: http://www.nowtilus.com/descargas/PORTADAESCALON.jpg
- Author´s web: http://elescalon33.blogspot.com.es/
- Author´s facebook: www.facebook.com/luiszueco

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